Arbaaz Mansoor



Arbaaz Mansoor idea-driven and 'media' agnostic, so working with him feels free and nimble. He can also think integrated and ideate across platforms. He has a talent for great story telling, which he passionately uses to inspire cross-discipline teams to develop fully integrated marketing campaigns and solutions for our client's brand and business boost. Even being a young professional, his superiors have always found him responsible and reliable, so that his best attribute at any professional environment he has worked in; “ownership”. Both personally and professionally.

Professional Life:

Having a keen interest and keeping Advertising & Promotion as a major in UCL, it has taught him that consumer knowledge is power and creative ideas that are built on human truths can be most powerful of all. Arbaaz believes in the core focus of consumer’s ideology. He is not afraid to move the needles and bring unexpected work through understanding the strategic value and brand tradition. Planning and hard work are perhaps the best fit of his obsession for answers and curiosity about people, culture, society and etc.

Strategic Planinng


Digital Marketing


Activation Campaigns


Brand Awareness